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Join us for this class and learn how to make these delicious vegetarian dishes...all from scratch! This healthy menu is full of flavor and designed to be vegan and gluten free if you choose with options for regular cheddar or vegan cheese and Hawaiian rolls or gluten free bread for the sliders. And yes, vegan food CAN be delicious and simple to make! Carnivores welcome!

  • Butternut Squash, Coconut & Ginger Soup with an Avocado, Lime & Corn Salsa

  • Spicy Kale Crispy Tostadas with Sweet Potatoes & Avocado

  • Creamy Raw Cashew Vegan Ranch & Chipotle Raw Cashew Vegan Ranch

  • Pulled “Pork” BBQ Sandwiches made with Jackfruit

  • To Drink: Red & White Wine

*Classes are hands-on. Each class includes never-ending wine (or cocktails!) and so much food that students can bring home leftovers!